Let us take your BRAND to the next level. Podcast Radio has proven many times on over to enhance the significance of your current online' imprint. To validate this point, our podcasts have previously been played over 120,000 times and have been downloaded just under half-a-million times. We've reached out to over 20 countries globally! But now with our Smart TV presence, our "R3 Radio" outreach is INFINITE! 


With the addition of Binge Networks TV, our Social Media' and Multimedia Presence is LEGENDARY! We are Now on Smart TV! Distribution is KEY!

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Our Mission Lies within Raising Awareness and in Inspiring the Masses! It's all about Consciousness and Higher Vibration! Let's Awaken the World by Storm!

"Join the Revolution in Alternative Podcast and V-Cast Radio. Let us make your Podcasting Dreams a Reality!"

Brendai Singulaire,

Our  Network's A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Concierge

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We provide the Home Base for your syndicated podcast. And while we do so, let us at Real Revolution Radio X.O handle the marketing' for you. Just remember, if you are never seen or noticed, then you will never be heard. Let us do the work for you. While with us, your job' only lies within enjoying the warmth and in the connectedness of each and every conversation. We will do the rest!

Real Revolution Radio X.O 

"In our world of rising Global Consciousness, the 'X' represents Awakening and the 'O' stands for On-Demand. In essence, REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.0 (The R3 Radio Network) is a Digital On-Demand Network of inspiring top-rated podcasts and video broadcasts created by authors, enthusiasts and trailblazers of the Conscious Global Awakening Movement. These unique talk shows cover a limitless array of entertaining and controversial viewpoints which touch into the realms of Consciousness, Quantum Theory, Ancient Archeology, Integrative-Medicine, Spirituality, Self Help, Transcendental Meditation, and much much more. We are the 5th Most-Watched on Binge Networks TV! Welcome to the Revolution of Intuitive Blog, Alternative Podcast and Trending V-Cast Radio!"


U.S. Veteran, Registered' Nurse, Self-Proclaimed Doctor of Podcast, Professional Voice-Over, Controversial Theorist, Critical Thinker, Prolific Blogger, Freelance Writer, Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, Host of the Quantum Mindfulness Radio Podcast, Executive Producer & Founder of Real Revolution Radio X.O


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"From major climactic changes to civil unrest in the Middle East to school shootings - our world is far from stable. People' are searching online' and in their lives for a sense of spirituality and calm. Your voice stands out among those with a message of hope."

Brad Saul
The "Late & Great" CEO and Founder of Matrix Media' Productions, Former Executive Producer of Web Talk Radio

"In these challenging times of energetic-shift, it is great to have the resource of Real Revolution Radio X.O to help guide us through to our next 4th density ascension. It is our unified higher mass consciousness that will create-a-better-world."

Susan Kolb MD, FACS, ABIHM Host of the Temple of Health' Radio Talk Show





“Maureen was the only hypnotherapist that met our scientific requirements at the Brain Research Institute within the David Gefen School of Medicine' at UCLA because she has a superior expertise in her field and is fully-verses in tier-one scientific and medical research.”  – Bill Gordon, Ph.D.


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Maureen Pisani is the resident Hypnotherapist at the renowned Chopra Center in La Costa, San Diego County, CA. Maureen has authored 9 books and produced more than 25 Hypnotic CDs. Maureen is also the founder of Pro-Thrive Science-Based Hypnotherapy where she works with groups and individuals, in-person-or-online, to help them go from just surviving to truly thriving.

Meet' The Team

Joel Ayala Ayapana

The Doctor of Podcast, Host of the Quantum Mindfulness Radio Talk Show, Executive Producer and Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O

Bonnie Bruderer

Smart TV Expert Consultant, Executive Producer and Founder of Binge Networks TV

Ajay Matta

Podcast Development Specialist, Monetization Consultant, and Marketing' Strategist



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"REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.0 is a Digital On-Demand Archive of past and present e-online talk shows created by inspiring authors and enthusiasts of New-Wave Podcast & Traditional Talk Radio. These unique broadcasts cover a limitless array of entertaining and controversial viewpoints, but yet some of the most Third-Eye Opening of Topics. Welcome to the Underground Revolution of Inspirational Podcast Radio!" (Joel Ayala Ayapana)

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